Thursday, December 30, 2010

A No Spending Idea

I have heard of people going for certain amounts of time without spending money except, of course, for regular bills, food, and grooming necessities. I think I would like to try this. There are a few reasons why I would like to try this adventure: 
1) I want to stay home with my baby (aka remain unemployed) 
2) I have a lot of time to spare by helping others 
3) I am getting used to being broke 
So, the plan would be for one barter my time for goods and services. Say for instance someone needs a babysitter. I would babysit in return for...laundry soap, postage stamps, baby clothes, clothes for me, etc. Or I could clean up a beauty shop in return for a haircut. This way I am helping out someone and getting the things I need (or want) in return. 
I will be starting a new button making business in January and will be spending money on that for supplies, booths, etc. A majority of the profit (minus purchasing  supplies) will be saved. There is no point in me starting a home-based business if I am just going to blow all the profits on stuff I don't need. 
I will also spend a budgeted amount of money on sending swaps on Swap-Bot. I have a lot of craft supplies that I no longer use that I can swap on there for things I can use. 
I would like to keep a running list of things I need on here. This is all just an idea for now. I need to let it swim around in my head for a few days to make sure it is something I can commit to. Any thoughts on this?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crafting for others

A friend of mine on Swap-Bot told me about this website. They have lots of patterns to make clothing and stuffed animals for preemies and kids in the hospital. If you have a little extra time and fabric you should check it out. They have links to hospitals all over the US that accept this type of donation. I did not see a link for other countries, but if you find it or one like it please let me know and I will post it. I will be WALKING to the thrift store later to pick up some more fabric to make the booties.

The Fly Lady says I need to get the trash out of my living room and put away the wrapping paper today. I love how she breaks down chores into small little missions. After just a few weeks, my house looks (and I feel) better. She has really gotten me into a routine. Who knew getting dressed to shoes would make such a difference in my day!

Baby news-I cannot believe she is 3 weeks young already! It is going by too fast! She is already way bigger than when she was born. She still makes me so excited when I wake up to her 'feed me' sounds. Seriously, I get all giddly like a kid going to Disneyland. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No Chocolate! Start Walking!

Well, I guess it is time to start moving the baby weight along. My Uncle was kind enough to send us a stroller and I started using it right away. The first day I took baby for a walk it was so muggy out that I was covered in sweat when I got home. The second day wasn't so hot and the walk was shorter but my lower back ached terribly the entire time. Today, Day 3, it was nice out. A little warm with a nice breeze. Last year at this time it was about 20 degrees, so I am thankful that it is not so cold that I couldn't take baby out. Basketball shorts and a t-shirt in December?! Almost can't beat that!
As for the no chocolate...I am allergic. Not gotta-have-benadryl-rush-to-the-ER-type allergy, just makes me break out type allergy. So, I found out this morning after eating a big bag of peanut M&M's lat night that baby is also allergic. (I am nursing her) When she woke up this morning she had 5 BIG pimples on her forehead. Poor sweet baby. I am sorry I passed my allergy to you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Emotional Rollercoaster

That is what I've been on for the past week. My emotions are completely bonkers! Everything makes me cry, and not just a few tears, more like hysterically sobbing. Today's fiasco started when my daughter's father gave me 45 minutes notice that he was bringing a buddy home on their lunch break for dinner. I hadn't even planned on making dinner, but now I am having a guest over for dinner. Not a single plate is washed (we only have a few as it is) because I ran out of gloves (I am weird about doing dishes without gloves-eww). So, here I am sobbing into my hot soapy water with dinner on the stove. I made the 45 minute deadline but it wasn't easy. My whole back was covered in sweat. On the bright side, my kitchen is clean and the dishes are done. I wasn't mad at him for giving me short notice, I am just emotional about everything lately. As they say, This too shall pass.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a Girl!

Wow! Was I surprised when my baby was born and the doctor said, 'It's a girl!' The WHOLE pregnancy I thought it was a boy because I was carrying her exactly like I carried my son. One thing I do know is HOW HAPPY I AM!! She's absolutely gorgeous and a sweet little angel to boot! Right when I first saw her sweet little face I actually let out a laugh because she is so beautiful and perfect that it made me chuckle!
She is 6 days old now and her father and I have become closer than ever. I love looking at them sleeping next to each other and he has been so helpful. It seems like our little girl has healed the wounds our family endured. She is such a blessing!
Thank you to everyone whom left very sweet comments while I was away. They made my day to log on and read them :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally Loving Yourself

While searching for a printable ultimate household cleaning list, I stumbled across another website made by the FlyLady. Fly is an acronym for Finally Loving Yourself, and let me tell you I love her philosophy. The babysteps she explains are so simple yet make such a difference. I am currently on day 2 and feel GREAT! I highly recommend you check it out!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Looking towards the stars in 2011

I just found a really great blog here. She is very organized and I hope she comes out with an organization plan for 2011 like she did for 2010. I realized that I did not complete a single thing from my 2010 resolutions, so this year they will be a bit different. I WILL BE ORGANIZED!

Some of my new favorite things: Great digital designers, like this one. She has lots of freebies to download too!

organized women like the one at

What are your plans for 2011?

Friday, November 19, 2010


Everyone in our house is a huge basketball fan! So, tonight we are going to the high school boys basketball game. I always wear my lovely Spirit Ribbons :) Of course tonight I'll have one with a basketball on it.


Thursday, November 18, 2010


I had recently decided to sew my way through a book. Well, that decision has come to a fail. I kept finding other projects that needed my sewing attention and the book is due back at the library on, I will not be completing that project. Also, I did not have the required materials to complete about half of her projects, therefore another fail. Oh well, I have a lot to do before baby comes, and trust that it ain't all easy.
Anyone else have a website/shop on ? I have been looking into opening one as I like their philosophy and payment plans better than Etsy. Maybe after the new year when the house is back to normal...Have a Great Day!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Small Delay

I did not get to my sewing project today. I have a ton of homework, and my dryer isn't drying so the fabric I am using is wet. It doesn't make sense to me to hang stuff out to dry when the humidity here is so high. Stuff gets that weird moldy smell. I'd rather just dry a couple of pieces at a time then to have to re-wash it. So, fabric is drying last.
I did, though, make my husband a chocolate decadent cake for Veteran's Day. He served 4 years in the US Marine Corps, and I'm very proud of him. He loves chocolate baked goods and this cake looks delicious. I will try to remember to add a picture after it cools and I put the chocolate glaze on it!
Happy Veteran's Day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sewing my way through a book

I have read a few blogs in which people cook or bake their way through a cookbook. Well, being 3 weeks away from delivering a new baby, and having already gained 50 lbs in the process, I don't want to be trying all those wonderful things I'd be baking or cooking everyday. So, I found a book at the library that I am going to sew my way through. I might not finish projects everyday, especially with the holidays coming up, but I will do the best I can. The book is Handmade Home Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures by Amanda Blake Soule. I am very into using what I have and buying at thrift stores and garage sales over buying new. 
Today I cut out the fabrics for her Broadturn Bag and I'll probably sew it up tomorrow. I will post pictures as well. You can check out her blog at

Friday, October 8, 2010

I need a new craft

I was at the Peanut Festical this evening. Originally, I was going to have a booth there to sell my spirit ribbons. Though my ribbons are unlike any others, they are still hairbows. There was 3 hairbow booths.
I have a few ideas of things I could make, but my inspiration always came from putting ribbons together. hmmm, thinking hard about this one.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yes, today was a good day!

I love a good day. Who doesn't? 1) I finished all my homework ahead of schedule. Currently studying Fashion & Retail Management at the Arts Institute. 2) I made some really cute bows for a local Daisy troop to wear in the peanut festival parade. and 3) I crossed FOUR things of my to-do/cleaning list! Hope everyone else had a good day, but if not, make tomorrow a good day!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Phew! Made it through

Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who gave me nothing but love, I made it through a week of stress induced depression. Well he also gave me some beautiful flowers and a McQuinney Bikini Co. tank top. But none the less it is over. I just can't stand the way depression makes my brain feel. It is a cloud that just won't lift. Just so happy it is over and I am so thankful for the man that will be my husband soon.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Smile, please!

So, i just made my 1st blog button. I would like to get more creative about this but I am not exactly sure how to go about that.

This is where I got it from.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have recently been making some improvements in my life. The way I act and react, the way I clean, I even made a folder for all the different categories of e-mail I receive. This doesn't always go as planned, but hey I'm trying. I'd like to improve this blog as well so I'm looking around for ways to make this blog better!

Monday, September 20, 2010

No more facebook!

Well, I deleted my facebook page. I spent so many hours on those silly games, looking through other people's photos, and just plain old wasting time that I finally had enough and removed myself from that world. There were only two people that I thought might notice, but I haven't received texts from either of them. So, since nobody misses me, what was the point of being on there in the first place? Sure, you find old friends, but who wants to fill in the details with someone they haven't spoken to in 10 years? That's just a little too much information! Needless to say; I am happy, I am productive, and I am SOCIAL NETWORK FREE! Except, of course, for blogger, but no one follows anyways so it doesn't count.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It sux not having internet

Yes, it does. Using a library computer for 30 minutes at a time is awful as well. I have internet on my phone but looking at that little screen and waiting for it to load something is painful! I need internet for school, work, and social reasons but it's so darn expensive here that I can't afford it! Leave comments please.