Tuesday, March 8, 2011


At first I was totally bummed that I would be shopping for my wedding dress with just my daughters. Don't get me wrong that would still be fun, and my daughter and I have very similar tastes, but wedding dress shopping almost REQUIRES at least one good friend or mother. 
Well, my prayers have been answered. My good friend Gini, whom I've known since junior high just moved to Austin! Bonus=my good friend Ashley is moving to Austin in the fall! Zoinks! Double bonus=THEY ARE BOTH BRIDESMAIDS! Triple bonus=The dress shop I want to go to (because they carry the designer I like) IS IN AUSTIN!!!!! How well did that fall together? :) 
For the dress: I am going with a vintage designer because I want a dress that covers my breasts. I have this huge set in stone feeling to not have my boobs showing in front of my father. I have always been that way, so I don't want to be doing the father/daughter dance with mile high cleavage (not that they are that big but you get the idea). 

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