Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy as a Bee!

I have been so exhausted lately. The baby is a good sleeper, but I have been staying up WAY too late and trying to do 50,000 things everyday. So this week I've pretty much been sleeping every time the baby is asleep, and loving our naps together. As for the wedding, I am already ready to say,'babe, meet me at the courthouse!' I just can't justify spending money on all kinds of non reusable stuff just for one 'party'. We've already changed the colors and theme. The colors are now black and white with a Rockabilly theme. I literally have not even thought about the wedding for the past week because there is simply too much to think about. By the way, the above picture is me and my babe 2 summers ago at our friend's house in Las Vegas.  
Also, Thank you for leaving me comments! I love them!

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  1. It is so hard at first when babies are tiny because there are so many things to get done and they seem to keep pileing up. I hope you get plenty of rest and try to not pile to many things on. Goodluck to you!